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Reading about beer? It’s not all beer journalism

The Beer Hobo, Heather Vandenengel, is hosting The Session this month. Her topic: BEER JOURNALISM. She writes, “There was this Beer Advocate thread titled “Why is ‘beer journalism’ so bad?” Jacob McKean, founder of Modern Times Brewery in San Diego, […]

2/24/2014 Washington State House -- Government & Accountability Committee, SSB 5731

Fair market doesn’t exist for Specialty Beer/Wine Stores in Washington State

URGENT! Washington State women-owned small businesses need your help Two years ago, Washington voters approved a Costco liquor initiative that promised cheaper booze and greater convenience. Voters have now discovered what they really got — higher prices. But that’s not […]

Can the small David (small businesses) even have a chance at winning the battle with Goliath (mega liquor corps) if the State takes away his slingshot and ties his hands behind his back?

4 reasons to support SSB 5731

Washington State Senators understand the importance of SSB 5731, the bill that would allow Specialty Beer/Wine Store licensees to carry small craft distilled spirits. However, members of one committee in the House seem confused as to the good will this […]

Demand equality! Put specialty beer/wine stores on an fair playing ground as mega liquor corporations

Demand Equality! Allow Specialty Beer/Wine Stores of all sizes to obtain WA Liquor licenses

In Washington State, BevMo and Total Wine & More are licensed as Specialty Beer/Wine Stores — and they can get a Liquor license. My store is licensed as a Specialty Beer/Wine Store and I am unable to get a Liquor […]

pitting the underdogs against each other

An open letter to the Government Accountability & Oversight Committee

Dear Representatives and Members of the House Government Accountability & Oversight Committee, Two years ago the Washington State Liquor Board sold a bum lot of stores to many first generation Americans, giving them hope that jumping into the liquor business […]

2/24/2014 Washington State House -- Government & Accountability Committee, SSB 5731

Small business support not of “Prime Time” importance, says Rep. Hurst

Today I went to Olympia to testify before the Washington State Government & Accountability Committee, of which Representative Christopher Hurst is chair. I live in Rep. Hurst’s district, and I was there in support of SSB 5731, which would allow […]

Washington State Seal

Emails supporting SSB 5731 must go out: In support of Washington Specialty Beer/Wine Stores

This Tuesday is the deadline for bills to get through the Senate, so we must act fast. Please send the two emails below by Sunday, FEBRUARY 16th (Monday at the latest). Once a bill passes out of the Rules Committee, […]

1970s Olympia Beer Can

Growing into Washington’s beer culture

Being born in the late 1960s, most of my memories begin in the 70s. My grandparents were in the grocery business, which meant my father and his two brothers also worked in the family business, and us kids also worked […]

competition & adversity

Operating in the face of adversity

I thought last year was rough. Here I am about ready to start the month of November 2013, and I feel completely battered, exhausted, alone. A lot’s happened this year, much of which I’ll save for future blog topics. Those […]

I was seeking an oasis in the desert.

Why I attended the first Beer Bloggers Conference

And the challenges of running a family-operated specialty beer store I first heard about the Beer Bloggers Conference in June 2010. I’ve been working in the beer industry since 2007. Not as a blogger, but as a beer store shopkeeper. […]

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