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  1. Bryan

    Thank you for such a well-thought and introspective post on this. It’s easy to tell you have great passion for beer and the business of beer, which I’m sure will keep your spirits afloat! (That, and some really great beer)


  2. beerbecue

    Nice post. I appreciate you (even though I’m thousands of miles away), and I’m sure there are many of your customers who do, too. Hang in there. Being a small business owner has to be tough, even when peddling something you love. I don’t think I have the gumption for it…nor the self discipline to refrain from drinking all the product.

  3. Ryan N.

    A terrific post! Thanks for sharing and for your point of view, which, I think, goes unheard all too often. We beer consumers need to step back and consider the small businesses that link us to the beer makers. Cheers!

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