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7 thoughts on “Allow Beer & Wine Specialty shops to sell Washington craft spirits – SB 5731

    1. Andy, no. The only input voters have on bills like this is via contacting their State Legislators. Thus, it is up to the public, both in favor and opposed, to get out the word and get the public to voice their opinion. First the bill will need to make it thru Committee, then Senate vote, House vote, and finally via Governor (at least that’s the process I observed on the previous bill-to-law process that affected Specialty Beer/Wind Store licensees).

      Please contact your Senator and those on the Committee (names & email addresses herein), as well as share this information with your friends and colleagues. We need and appreciate your support of SB 5731!

      On behalf of neighborhood independent specialty wine/beer stores I appreciate your support. Unlike the opposition to SB 5731, we have no hired lobbyists to support us.

  1. UPDATE:

    The Senate Labor & Commerce Committee will vote on SB 5731 tomorrow (Friday) morning. The meeting goes from 8-10 a.m., and SB 5731 is the second to last item on the agenda. For those of you who want to watch the vote in person:

    Time: Friday, February 22 from 8-10 a.m.

    Location: Cherberg Building, Senate Hearing Room 4. Map of capitol campus — in the lower left corner of the map, there are 2 buildings on a slant. Cherberg is the one on the right/east.

    Directions & parking: link. To be on the safe side, pay for parking that will last until 10:30 a.m.. The committee meeting is 2 hours long, and it’s possible that the bill could be the last one heard.

  2. UPDATE: SB 5731 is making progress, but needs your support!

    Yea! SB 5731 passed from the Senate Commerce & Labor Committee today (Friday, February 22, 2013) — unanimously — and is on its way to the Senate Rules Committee. Now it’s time to send 3 more emails. One to Rules Committee members asking for their support. Second to Commerce & Labor Committee members and to the bill sponsors thanking them for their support. Third to your state senator.

    If you have a little extra time, please make two calls personally, one to Sen. Karen Keiser, and another to Sen. Joe Fain. Sen. Keiser (360-786-7664) is the primary sponsor of the bill. She’s done a wonderful job advocating for it, and it would be nice to personally thank her for all her work. Sen. Fain (360-786-7692) is one of the secondary bill sponsors, and he sits on the Rules Committee. He’s another good person to personally thank for sponsoring the bill.

    Emails – Just like last time, we need as many people as possible contacting the legislators. So ask your business partners, family, friends, customers, etc., to send the emails, too.

    Email #1 (to Rules Committee members)
    To: ltgov@leg.wa.gov, tim.sheldon@leg.wa.gov, barbara.bailey@leg.wa.gov, randi.becker@leg.wa.gov, don.benton@leg.wa.gov, andy.billig@leg.wa.gov, mike.carrell@leg.wa.gov, bruce.dammeier@leg.wa.gov, j.darneille@leg.wa.gov, doug.ericksen@leg.wa.gov, karen.fraser@leg.wa.gov, david.frockt@leg.wa.gov, nick.harper@leg.wa.gov, jeanne.kohl-welles@leg.wa.gov, edward.murray@leg.wa.gov, linda.parlette@leg.wa.gov, ann.rivers@leg.wa.gov, mark.schoesler@leg.wa.gov, rodney.tom@leg.wa.gov
    Cc: karen.keiser@leg.wa.gov

    Subject: Support SB 5731
    Text: Dear Senators, I shop at specialty wine/beer shops, and I fully support SB 5731, the bill allowing beer/wine specialty shops to sell spirits made by small distillers. I would be grateful for your support of this bill through the Rules Committee. [YOUR PERSONAL MESSAGE]. Sincerely, [YOUR NAME, BUSINESS NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE]

    Email #2 (to the sponsors of the bill, and Commerce & Labor committee members)
    To: karen.keiser@leg.wa.gov, steve.conway@leg.wa.gov, joe.fain@leg.wa.gov, adam.kline@leg.wa.gov, steve.hobbs@leg.wa.gov, janea.holmquistnewbry@leg.wa.gov, john.braun@leg.wa.gov, bob.hasegawa@leg.wa.gov, mike.hewitt@leg.wa.gov, curtis.king@leg.wa.gov
    Subject: Thank you for supporting SSB 5731
    Text: Senators Holmquist Newbry, Braun, Conway, Hasegawa, Hewitt, Keiser and King, thank you for voting for SSB 5731, allowing beer/wine specialty shops to sell spirits made by small distillers. And extra thanks to Senators Keiser, Conway, Fain, Kline and Hobbs for their sponsorship. With your continued support — and industry doing its part by continuing to outreach — I’m hopeful that SB 5731 will pass Rules Committee, too. [YOUR PERSONAL MESSAGE]. Sincerely, [YOUR NAME, BUSINESS, ADDRESS, PHONE]

    Email #3 (to your personal senator)
    To: you can look up your state senator by going to http://app.leg.wa.gov/DistrictFinder/. To find their email addresses, go to http://www.leg.wa.gov/Senate/Senators/Pages/default.aspx and click on the “E-Mail addresses” link on the right.
    Subject: Support SSB 5731
    Text: Senator [LAST NAME], I shop at [BUSINESS NAME], a beer/wine specialty shop located in [CITY]. I strongly support SSB 5731, which allows specialty shops to sell spirits made by small distillers. The bill is now in the Rules Committee. You’re my state Senator, and anything you could do to help pass 5731 through Rules would be greatly appreciated. [YOUR PERSONAL MESSAGE]. Sincerely [YOUR NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE]

    Phone Numbers of Rules Committee Members
    Chair: Lieutenant Governor Brad Owen (360-786-7700)
    Vice-chair: Sen. Tim Sheldon (360-786-7668)
    Members: Senators Barbara Bailey (360-786-7618), Randi Becker (360-786-7602), Don Benton (360-786-7632), Andy Billig (360-786-7604), Mike Carrell (360-786-7654), Bruce Dammeier (360-786-7648), Jeannie Darneille (360-786-7652), Doug Ericksen (360-786-7682), Joe Fain (360-786-7692), Karen Fraser (360-786-7642), David Frockt (360-786-7690), Nick Harper (360-786-7674), Karen Keiser (360-786-7664), Curtis King (360-786-7626), Jeanne Kohl-Welles (360-786-7670), Ed Murray (360-786-7628), Linda Evans Parlette (360-786-7622), Ann Rivers (360-786-7634), Mark Schoesler (360-786-7620), Rodney Tom (360-786-7694)


    Hello, all.

    Senator Karen Keiser will submit an amendment to SHB 1332 at today’s 1:30 p.m. Senate Commerce & Labor Committee meeting, and she needs as many people as possible to contact the committee members in support.

    SHB 1332 allows retail spirits licensees who are participating in a responsible vendor program to offer spirits sampling. Senator Keiser’s amendment would enable specialty beer and wine stores that meet certain conditions (including participating in a responsible vendor program) to sell spirits from craft distillers and to offer samples as well.

    Please call or email the following senators ASAP

    Janea Holmquist Newbry (360) 786-7624
    John Braun (360) 786-7638
    Bob Hasegawa (360) 786-7616
    Mike Hewitt (360) 786-7630
    Curtis King (360) 786-7626

    To: janea.holmquistnewbry@leg.wa.gov, john.braun@leg.wa.gov, steve.conway@leg.wa.gov, bob.hasegawa@leg.wa.gov, mike.hewitt@leg.wa.gov, curtis.king@leg.wa.gov
    Cc: karen.keiser@leg.wa.gov
    Subject: Amendment to SHB 1332
    Text: Dear Senators Holmquist Newbry, Braun, Conway, Hasegawa, Hewitt and King, please support Sen. Keiser’s amendment to SHB 1332, allowing beer/wine specialty shops to sell and sample craft spirits. [PERSONAL MESSAGE.] Sincerely, [NAME, BUSINESS NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE]

    Apologies for the short notice. Last-minute moves sometimes happen when the Legislature gets into the final weeks.

    Karen Rogers

  4. UPDATE FROM KAREN ROGERS, regarding the Senate Bill amendment that would allow Specialty Beer/Wine Stores to sell Washington distilled spirits:

    The amendment did not pass the Senate committee today. However, the bill did. What this means is that should the bill get to the full Senate floor, we’ll have another chance to get the amendment passed (which would include the language that we need).

    Rep. Steve Kirby is the sponsor of the bill (1332) that we want to piggy-back on. Karen has a meeting scheduled with Rep. Kirby for this Wednesday. He might feel that our amendment could put his bill at risk, but she hope that we can convince him that it’s worth the risk, and that we’ll continue to make calls and send emails.

    Please send Rep. Steve Kirby emails and/or phone calls in support of this amendment.

    Contact info for Rep. Steve Kirby:
    Email — steve.kirby@leg.wa.gov
    Phone — (360) 786-7996

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