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  1. Tiffany

    If you shop at specialty beer/wine stores, please show your support!

    SSB 5731 is stuck in the Government Accountability & Oversight committee. We need your help getting it out! From our contact, Karen Rogers:

    Bad news (but we still have time to turn things around). A lot of people who own auctioned state liquor stores showed up today to kill our bill. While the committee held a public hearing on our bill, they did not have a vote on it.

    The good news is that we still have time to get the bill out of committee. But that means we have to put mega pressure on the committee members.

    NOW – NOW – NOW!

    Email – ASAP

    To: christopher.hurst@leg.wa.gov,sharon.wylie@leg.wa.gov, cary.condotta@leg.wa.gov, jeff.holy@leg.wa.gov, brian.blake@leg.wa.gov,steve.kirby@leg.wa.gov, luis.moscoso@leg.wa.gov, matt.shea@leg.wa.gov, brandon.vick@leg.wa.gov

    Cc: karen.keiser@leg.wa.gov

    Subject: Vote ESSB 5731 out of committee


    Dear Representatives,

    I patronize a small specialty shop and fully agree with the statement below. Please vote ESSB 5731 out of committee this week.


    I shop at a beer/wine specialty shop. I shop there because of their passion and knowledgeable about their product. They have a unique selection not found in box stores or liquor stores, and treat customers like family. If that store didn’t exist, my shopping preference wouldn’t be to auctioned liquor stores, but with another specialty shop. Their ability to sell spirits would have minimal effect (if any) on auctioned liquor stores. Please give the beer/wine specialty shop I frequent the same consideration you’re giving to auctioned liquor stores by voting for 5731 this week. I ask you for fairness and for the opportunity to keep them in business.

    Phone – ASAP
    Rep. Chris Hurst (360-786-7866)
    Rep. Sharon Wylie (360-786-7924)
    Rep. Cary Condotta (360-786-7954)
    Rep. Jeff Holy (360-786-7962)
    Rep. Steve Kirby (360-786-7996)
    Rep. Luis Moscoso (360-786-7900)
    Rep. Matt Shea(360-786-7984)
    Rep. Brandon Vick (360-786-7850)
    Rep. Brian Blake (360-786-7870) – Rep. Blake is the one who is already with us.

    Let’s go get ‘em!

  2. Sarah

    I emailed every single one! Let’s do this!

    1. Tiffany

      Thank you Sarah!

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