This page is patiently awaiting for me to write something engaging about myself.

I drink beer. I sometimes cook with beer, but subscribe to the Julia Childs method of sip, sip, stir, mix, sip, sip, sip…

Our fridge is always fully stocked with beer, though not necessarily the kind of beer I’m in the mood for. When I’m not drinking beer, I generally drink water, tea or coffee but caffeine makes me feel a bit jittery.

I sell beer. I stock beer. I co-own a beer store with my husband. Beer is part of our everyday lifestyle.

I believe that every beer is worth a try and that every beer is special to someone. I try not to degrade folks who drink cheap mass-produced fizzy yellow beer, though I might give them a wink and a tiny jab now and then, depending on my mood.

I started a beer cellar a few years ago. I am not only cellaring things that should be cellared but am also doing  few experiments (e.g., an occasional India Pale Ale makes it to my cellar). Purists would probably shudder.

I’m serious yet goofy, socially awkward, politically incorrect, and sweat the small stuff too often. Sometimes I don’t see the forest for the trees. I sometimes say and write inappropriate things; you could say “I was born with a silver foot in my mouth.”

What else would you like to know?

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