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  1. Survival is in the people’s hands — December 11, 2014
  2. Why don’t you just get a keg? — November 12, 2014
  3. I’m done. Let’s go home. — November 1, 2014
  4. The beautiful wife & bonding over beer tasting — October 16, 2014
  5. Beer store regulars — August 6, 2014

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Dec 11

Survival is in the people’s hands

When you’ve got a retail business, the scariest thing is this: Your business’s ability to survive is in the hands of the consumer. No matter how varied your products are, no matter how competitive your prices are, no matter how many special events you hold, no matter how good your service offering is, … if …

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Nov 12

Why don’t you just get a keg?

Overheard at the beer store… After getting the overview of how growlers work (reusable jugs that you can have filled via tap from kegged beer), husband and wife briefly discuss whether they want a growler fill. Wife seems perplexed by the whole thing, so the husband continues explaining that the beer is in a “keg” …

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Nov 01

I’m done. Let’s go home.

How to tell when you’re done for the day… Go outside shop and grab A-frame chalkboard to bring in. Guy walking up to the shop sees you doing this and says, “Oh, are you closing?” Respond, “You’re good; we’ve got about 15 minutes.” Bring in chalkboard, wipe clean in preparation for next week’s specials. Have …

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Oct 16

The beautiful wife & bonding over beer tasting

So, this happened at the shop today… Three men come in; two of whom are from North Dakota. They are in to do the tasting and buy beers to drink while they’re here on vacation and to bring back with them. They’re at the tasting counter, visiting and chatting. An Eastern European customer walks up …

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Aug 06

Beer store regulars

Most adorable thing happened today… Regular customer brought a friend with him to the beer store today. He’s showing him around, “Here’s the German beer, here’s the cider, here’s the barleywine, …” Giving him a little tour. It’s so cute! #adorablecustomers

May 04

Rate that beer? Or, let it be beer?

Cantillon Kriek, 10-21-2013

My beer shop’s staff regularly flip me shit about my ratings on Untappd. Giving three caps (out of five) to nearly every beer I drink; we all know I would make a poor beer judge. The thought of having to critique each beer based on a designated style; pocketing a recipe into “it should be …

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May 01

Why shop at independent beer & wine stores?

“Why shop at small business?” has been on my mind a lot lately. Sales have been declining enough that I’m sending employees home early, now two weeks in a row. I wonder how to get people to shop first at, and regularly with, small business like mine. I think about my own shopping habits — …

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Apr 04

Reading about beer? It’s not all beer journalism

The Beer Hobo, Heather Vandenengel, is hosting The Session this month. Her topic: BEER JOURNALISM. She writes, “There was this Beer Advocate thread titled “Why is ‘beer journalism’ so bad?” Jacob McKean, founder of Modern Times Brewery in San Diego, recently wrote of beer journalism in an opinion piece, “In an industry with an almost …

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Mar 04

Fair market doesn’t exist for Specialty Beer/Wine Stores in Washington State

URGENT! Washington State women-owned small businesses need your help Two years ago, Washington voters approved a Costco liquor initiative that promised cheaper booze and greater convenience. Voters have now discovered what they really got — higher prices. But that’s not all they got. The Costco initiative broke out the welcoming mat to corporate America and …

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Feb 26

4 reasons to support SSB 5731

Washington State Senators understand the importance of SSB 5731, the bill that would allow Specialty Beer/Wine Store licensees to carry small craft distilled spirits. However, members of one committee in the House seem confused as to the good will this bill brings to small businesses, consumers, and State revenues. Right now this bill dead-in-the-water for …

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