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Apr 22

Can I drink old beer?

How long can beer last? Does beer spoil like milk? Can I cellar ales like wine? What’s the meaning of born on or drink after? Can I drink an expired beer? How do I know if it’s still good? Of mass-produced lager beer, The Professor’s House says, it can last “…approximately 8 to 12 months …

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Jun 21

Another blog I read: The Old Hen

I just finished telling you about the beer blogs I read and share most. Here’s a non-beer blog that I visit most — you should too — and use her recipes. They’re delicious. The Old Hen Bed & Breakfast –

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Jan 29

Appetizer: Stuffed Mushrooms …served with Kolsch

Stuffed mushrooms are my go-to appetizer. Not only are they delicious, but friends and family always request that they be brought along.

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Dec 12


There’s just 12 days of shopping left ’til Christmas. There’ll be days for crisp, thirst-quenching beer to refresh. Other days require a beer that’ll take-on the chilly nip, a beer that’ll warm from the inside-out. It’s time to create your very own Beer Adventure Calendar…

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Sep 01

Blues & Brews on Poverty Bay

Beer, blues, and a beautiful Pacific Northwest location. This is my kind of festival. And it’s happening on the Puget Sound shores on September 10th.

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Aug 27

I love a good beer fest — happening in Tacoma

One thing that I love — and hate — about living in the Northwest is this: There is always something to do. I hate this because now that we’re “living the dream” of the mom-n-pop entrepreneur, I’m regularly confined to the store, stuck at work when beer fests are happening. Sometimes the boys “cover for …

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May 01

The Great Beer & Cheese-Off

I’ve been loosely following The Session for some time now, planning to join in “some day.” So when beer writer Jay Brooks announced Session #51: The Great Online Beer & Cheese-Off, I knew this was a session I would join.

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Apr 09

Let them eat cake, with beer!

There must be a gene for cake eaters that my mom passed down to me. My waistline tells me this, as does my craving for cake. I try to keep cake eating to special holidays. Anniversaries are great because you can create them to celebrate the start of all kinds of things in life. And …

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Apr 04

Beerfest prefunc!

Hop Scotch 2011 was my third festival at Fremont Studios and the third time I have arrived early. So convenient that Brouwer’s Cafe is kitty-corner from the venue, eh?

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Jan 29

Mustard ale & corn dogs

What drink pairs best with corn dogs? That’s easy! Mustard ale, of course. A quick-n-easy beer-n-food pairing for the busy lifestyle.

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