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Apr 22

Can I drink old beer?

How long can beer last? Does beer spoil like milk? Can I cellar ales like wine? What’s the meaning of born on or drink after? Can I drink an expired beer? How do I know if it’s still good? Of mass-produced lager beer, The Professor’s House says, it can last “…approximately 8 to 12 months …

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Oct 06

The Session #68 Round-Up: Novelty Beers

All craft beer is novel to the dedicated fizzy yellow beer drinker. Today a fellow and his wife entered the store, standing in front of Cooler Door #8, he exclaimed, “$25 for a beer?! What makes this so special?” And I found myself explaining to him what makes a Gypsy Brewer’s beers more expensive than …

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Aug 30

A wedding with beer: Don’t think of your reception as a kegger

Working in a specialty beer shop means consulting about beer: providing guidance to get people into beers they’ll like, talking about the styles and flavors, directing to where a beer lives in the store; discussing availability, taking and advising on special orders…

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Aug 20

Novelty Beers: A shout-out for October’s The Session

The project: The Session The Session, a.k.a. Beer Blogging Friday, is an opportunity once a month for beer bloggers from around the world to get together and write from their own unique perspective on a single topic, such as Novelty Beers.

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Jul 30

Questions people ask about beer (aka, Topics for beer bloggers)

Fizzy yellow beer (FYB) seems pretty simple: It’s crisp, light, and refreshing. Some may say it’s just fizzy yellow water posing as beer, but there are millions devoted to it. And a few of those may even believe the myths that drinking it will attract pretty women, or that it’s the coldest tasting thing in …

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Jul 29

The beer bloggers reach

There are over 223 Million people in the United States who are of legal drinking age. 95 Million of those are beer drinkers. That’s a lot of audience potential for your average beer blogger.

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Jun 24

Reflecting on the beer blogger – beer retailer connection III

My dear beer blogging friends, by now it’s likely that your brain is overwhelmed with the sheer potential of topics. But I’m not going to stop there. We beer retailers are calling you to the front lines.

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Jun 13

Best working vacation ever

I love learning and I love drinking beer. So I can’t imagine a much better short vacation, a little weekend away from the store, than the 2012 Beer Bloggers Conference. Sexy location, for my tongue Indianapolis may not sound like the most exotic vacation locale, but there’s some kick-ass beers in the midwest. Beers that …

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May 31

Troubled person or just a difficult customer?

Working with difficult people has been one of the biggest and most challenging aspects of running a retail business. I struggle with this daily. My gut tells me not to reward bad behavior. But when someone’s acting bizarre you don’t know if they’re just crazy or truly crazy.

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May 30

Washington State is nearly out of the liquor business

Today was the final day of operation for State operated liquor stores in my area. This should prove to be interesting. We have already seen an influx in calls for spirits as the liquor store around the corner closed over three weeks ago.

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