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Personal notes. What contributes to my mood, rambling thoughts. Things that affect my beer lifestyle.

Oct 31

Operating in the face of adversity

I thought last year was rough. Here I am about ready to start the month of November 2013, and I feel completely battered, exhausted, alone. A lot’s happened this year, much of which I’ll save for future blog topics. Those of you who are friends with me on facebook have an idea of some of …

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Sep 19

Why I attended the first Beer Bloggers Conference

And the challenges of running a family-operated specialty beer store I first heard about the Beer Bloggers Conference in June 2010. I’ve been working in the beer industry since 2007. Not as a blogger, but as a beer store shopkeeper. That’s when my family opened a beer store in Federal Way, Washington. My job here …

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Sep 12

Writer’s block. I’m FOKT! Too much OCD’ing.

There’s been so much going on, and my OCD is kicking in. What to do? How to do it right? Analysing risks. Trying to find the perfect fit. Understanding people. What do they want? How can I help them? What takes priority? Where are the links? How are things connected? Am I qualified to do …

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Sep 09

A trip to Plymouth, Mass.

Hello friends, July was filled with good times at the Beer Bloggers Conference in Boston, Mass. Instead of joining other beer writers on the preconference excursion in Maine, I did something extra nerdy… I drove down to Plymouth for a day of Pilgrim-touring, which included fulfilling a childhood third-grade dream of visiting Plimoth Plantation. The …

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Jul 23

Loyal to delicious craft beer or cheap convenience?

“Just because you sell beer doesn’t mean you drink it or know how to care for it.” — I feel like that has to be said. Since opening our beer store 6-1/2 years ago, I’ve met many people who’ve come into my shop to check it out because they want to open a similar business …

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Jun 27

Beer bloggers conference…almost time!

It’s officially one month until the 2013 Beer Bloggers Conference in Boston. Woohoo!!! Already I’m feeling apprehensive about the flight. I always get nervous before flying. Booked a rednight flight so I can catch some Zzzs. And I’m anxious about the timeline that night: Close shop at 8PM, flight leaves at 11. That’s a bit …

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Jun 26

Endings and beginnings

This month we started offering a Flight of Four at the beer store. Folks can order it almost anytime during business hours: Monday thru Saturday opening to 7:30; Sunday to 4:30 p.m. Flights departing anytime, nearly sixty hours of serving the public in a new way. I was worried; I still am worried about how …

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Apr 05

Beer lifestyle imbalance

The Sessions happens every first Friday. It’s when beer bloggers and share their thoughts on the same topic. April 2013: Finding Beer Balance, chosen by This is Why I’m Drunk. It’s obvious I’m living imbalance. Just look at me. The figure of a British Pepper Pot, belly as far out as the boobs. Second chin …

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Feb 07

Life as a ‘legal drug dealer’

I sat in the backseat, my brother next to me. Mom, driving. Dad in the passenger seat. The year was 2007. It was winter and we were heading North, to the home of Auntie & Uncle for a Christmastime celebration. I was sharing stories about building our beer store, of this great beverage coined “craft …

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Jan 31

For the love of beer

Earlier this week I made a proclamation on my facebook page: Yesterday I realized what my New Years Resolution should be: To rediscover joy. After I spoke at a conference last year, a person in the audience commented on my “frustration.” Yesterday I read an article that cited me as “arguing” a point. I have become more cynical. I am tired. …

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