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Personal notes. What contributes to my mood, rambling thoughts. Things that affect my beer lifestyle.

Jan 28

I’m the Martha

Perhaps it’s due to the looming Easter holiday*, but I’ve been thinking a lot about Martha and Mary lately. Do you remember these ladies from the bible story, where Jesus is due to visit and Martha is busy preparing the setting, the meal, everything. Martha drops it all to go be social. Martha continues on …

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Oct 14

Happiness is: Beer & Dogs

Dutch & Earl, October 14, 2012

My life is full of beer and dogs. Utter happiness.

May 24

Dear Diary: Customer service …training needed?

Just over five years ago, I changed from a desk job to a retail job. But not just any retail job, I became co-owner of a retail business, a clerk, a stocker, an inventory controller, a janitor, a manager, a bookkeeper, an accountant, a marketer, a customer service representative. Many times I feel ill-equipped in …

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May 16

Dear Diary: Low turnouts – I don’t get it.

We had a tasting event tonight with a special guest who traveled to us, nearly a 6-hour drive. The product is great and we had the maker/artisan in, which should be two strong draws in themselves. Granted, we are competing against other beer week events that folks are traveling North for, but there are still …

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May 04

Dear Diary: Are you sure you want to go into retail?

Some things are fully understood only through experience. I can honestly say that I didn’t fully realize that question my dad asked me six years ago, “Are you sure you want to go into retail?” My mind translated to have my own place, a little shop that had a lot (of beer) to offer. My …

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Mar 01

Dear Diary: Badmouthed again

We’ve been badmouthed again. I’ve never been one to handle being badmouthed. I always take it to heart. I need to stop that.

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Feb 23

Dear Diary: Togetherness

One of the many reasons we started a business was to be “together” more. It’s funny how we seem to have less “together” time now, despite working for the same goals, under the same roof, and living under the same roof as well. It’s a lot of “business” talk, with little “fun” time.

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Feb 23

Dear Diary: Post number one in this category

It wouldn’t surprise me if the majority of women my age were given a book with the words “dear diary” cursive’d on the cover when they were girls. I had a diary when I was a kid. I wrote in it fairly regularly. I wasn’t so much a reader; always more a writer.

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Dec 28

Happiness is: Finally owning your beer store

Woot! Woot! Thanks to all our wonderful customers, we were able to pay off our business loan today. That little beer shop, 99 Bottles, is finally ours! We took out the business loan in 2006, which we were able to attain via Frontier Bank with a recommendation the Small Business Business Assistance Center at the …

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Nov 15

Can’t please everyone

Can’t please everyone. Might as well have a delicious beer.

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