Dear Diary: Togetherness

Dear Diary: Togetherness

One of the many reasons we started a business was to be “together” more.

It’s funny how we seem to have less “together” time now, despite working for the same goals, under the same roof, and living under the same roof as well. It’s a lot of “business” talk, with little “fun” time.

This weekend will be the first Saturday-Sunday we have worked together, alone, without supporting staff in …gosh, a long time. It should be interesting. It is weird that we both have different work patterns and styles. When both on the floor, we tend to get in each others way a bit.

We have three employees. All three requested the weekend off. Who am I to deny any of them their outside lives? Hops & Props. Travel.

There’ll be times of stress on Saturday, for sure. A ten-hour workday: 10:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m., with no one to stand in for breaks, if one leaves, the other is entirely alone on the sales floor. Growler fills, stocking, guiding customers, checking out orders. That can be a tall order for one person. This means breaks will be short. Especially for me. He’ll get a few more due to his internal prompts for nicotine.

Will see how this goes. Saturday afternoon is a three-person job.

But we’ll get through it… Together.


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