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May 04

Rate that beer? Or, let it be beer?

Cantillon Kriek, 10-21-2013

My beer shop’s staff regularly flip me shit about my ratings on Untappd. Giving three caps (out of five) to nearly every beer I drink; we all know I would make a poor beer judge. The thought of having to critique each beer based on a designated style; pocketing a recipe into “it should be …

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Jan 24

Growing into Washington’s beer culture

Being born in the late 1960s, most of my memories begin in the 70s. My grandparents were in the grocery business, which meant my father and his two brothers also worked in the family business, and us kids also worked in or around it. So I grew up around the local food culture from the …

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Sep 09

A trip to Plymouth, Mass.

Hello friends, July was filled with good times at the Beer Bloggers Conference in Boston, Mass. Instead of joining other beer writers on the preconference excursion in Maine, I did something extra nerdy… I drove down to Plymouth for a day of Pilgrim-touring, which included fulfilling a childhood third-grade dream of visiting Plimoth Plantation. The …

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Feb 03

Found at Hobby Lobby

…if only it were full of delicious craft beer.

Oct 18

Artsy barcodes

Love the artistic integration of barcodes on beer labels; these are on the new Schooner Exact Brewing Co. bombers.

Jun 13

Best working vacation ever

I love learning and I love drinking beer. So I can’t imagine a much better short vacation, a little weekend away from the store, than the 2012 Beer Bloggers Conference. Sexy location, for my tongue Indianapolis may not sound like the most exotic vacation locale, but there’s some kick-ass beers in the midwest. Beers that …

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Jun 09

This beer smells like…

It’s weird how the aromatics of a beer can transport you back in time, to an earlier day in the recess of your mind. Or evoke thoughts of other foods. Or non-foods.

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Jan 07

Beer: It’s not the only thing I drink

It’s the non-beer The Session about what I drink when not drinking beer. If you’re unfamiliar with The Session, it’s a unified blogging event where one writer writer picks a topic and everyone follows and writes about that topic. The Session blogs appear on the first Friday of every month. Revelation: I like brewed things

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Dec 04

The Session #58: Beers that’ll haunt Old Scrooge

Egad! It’s Sunday and this post is for The Session #58…intended for beer blogging Friday, December 2, 2011. Let’s get to it…

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Oct 28

That’s one rocky head

The rocky headed Duvel Triple Hop. If the Rocky Mountains were beer…

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