The Session #58: Beers that’ll haunt Old Scrooge

The Session #58: Beers that’ll haunt Old Scrooge

The Session: Beer Blogging FridayEgad! It’s Sunday and this post is for The Session #58…intended for beer blogging Friday, December 2, 2011. Let’s get to it…

What would Scrooge drink?

Of course there’s the obvious beers of A Christmas Carol theme…

  • Ebenezer from BridgePort Brewing of Portland, Ore.
  • Old Scrooge from Silver City Brewing of Silverdale, Wash.
  • Old Dickens from Engine House No. 9 of Tacoma, Wash. (winter draft special release, at the brewery)

…but would I serve those to Scrooge? Nah.

I need a beer that’ll keep Scrooge’s Christmas ghosts at bay.
I need a beer that’s got just enough warmth to unfreeze Scrooge’s hardened heart.
I need a beer that if it doesn’t work on Scrooge, it’ll make me not care if he’s being a grump.

I’d pour Scrooge a big snifter glass of Firestone Walker XV Anniversary Ale. And, of course, serve myself a glass as well. After all, aren’t great beers meant to be shared?

Haunted by beers of Christmas past, present and future

Visiting me in the dreams of chilly nights are the ghost beers of Christmas past, present and future. They haunt me daily, causing me to smack my lips, with thoughts of delight.

Beckoning to me daily (while it’s still on the store shelf) is a beer of Christmas past: Old Stock 2009 Cellar Reserve from North Coast Brewing of Fort Bragg, Calif. The mere sight of the bottle causes me to drool like one of Pavlov’s dogs. Smooth toffee and bourbon goodness. As I wipe the drool from my bottom lip, attempting to hide the slobber from customers, all I think is, “I should grab a few extra bottles for a future Christmas…or New Year’s Eve…or New Year’s Day…or Easter… before it’s gone.”

For Christmas present, that’s a Firestone Walker 15 — the beer that’ll warm Scrooge’s heart or at least make me happy enough not to give a damn if he’s excessively grumpy.

Honestly, other than watching for new beer announcements on BeerNews I’ve no idea of what’s to come for Christmas future. I can only imagine the goodness of perfectly soured ales, bourbon barrel-aged stouts, masterfully blended ales, and other beautiful rich and smooth beers I’ve yet to meet.


4 thoughts on “The Session #58: Beers that’ll haunt Old Scrooge

  1. My goodness Tiffany, you are being far too kind to old Ebenezer, I think I need to work on my meaner side if that’s what’s in store for me. I love Firestone Walker and would cut my left ear off to get my hands on some Parabola never mind the XV Anniversary. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Thanks for posting Phil

  2. Hi Tiffany

    Here’s a link to last months round up of Decembers which I hosted over in my blog Beersay. Thanks again for posting.

    Session #58 A Christmas Carol – Final round up

    It would be great if you could add me to your blogroll and twitter followers


  3. Well, Phil, I’ll share the good stuff…if I can have some from the bottle! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Also, got ya on the blogroll!

    Steve, I believe all beer travelers kick themselves about not picking up something. I have a few regrets as well.

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