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Apr 04

Reading about beer? It’s not all beer journalism

The Beer Hobo, Heather Vandenengel, is hosting The Session this month. Her topic: BEER JOURNALISM. She writes, “There was this Beer Advocate thread titled “Why is ‘beer journalism’ so bad?” Jacob McKean, founder of Modern Times Brewery in San Diego, recently wrote of beer journalism in an opinion piece, “In an industry with an almost …

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Jan 31

For the love of beer

Earlier this week I made a proclamation on my facebook page: Yesterday I realized what my New Years Resolution should be: To rediscover joy. After I spoke at a conference last year, a person in the audience commented on my “frustration.” Yesterday I read an article that cited me as “arguing” a point. I have become more cynical. I am tired. …

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Oct 06

The Session #68 Round-Up: Novelty Beers

All craft beer is novel to the dedicated fizzy yellow beer drinker. Today a fellow and his wife entered the store, standing in front of Cooler Door #8, he exclaimed, “$25 for a beer?! What makes this so special?” And I found myself explaining to him what makes a Gypsy Brewer’s beers more expensive than …

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Jan 07

Beer: It’s not the only thing I drink

It’s the non-beer The Session about what I drink when not drinking beer. If you’re unfamiliar with The Session, it’s a unified blogging event where one writer writer picks a topic and everyone follows and writes about that topic. The Session blogs appear on the first Friday of every month. Revelation: I like brewed things

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Dec 04

The Session #58: Beers that’ll haunt Old Scrooge

Egad! It’s Sunday and this post is for The Session #58…intended for beer blogging Friday, December 2, 2011. Let’s get to it…

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