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Apr 01

Want to buy & sample spirits at your local bottle shop?

If you’d like to buy & sample spirits at your local bottle shop, please contact Rep. Steve Kirby and request that he support amending SHB 1332 to allow Beer/Wine Shops to sell & sample craft spirits. Here’s my letter: Dear Representative Kirby, I am writing to ask your support in amending SHB 1332 to allow …

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Feb 16

Allow Beer & Wine Specialty shops to sell Washington craft spirits – SB 5731

Weekly I’m asked, by customers, “How has the privatization of liquor affected you?” My fellow specialty beer & wine store owners say they frequently hear the same question. Most of us are pretty open. One wine shop owner says they’re “hurting, looking at location lease-end dates, wondering about renegotiation to continue to struggle and possibly …

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May 01

Memorable moments in beer: A photo album

Welcome to my input for May 2012, The Session: Beer Blogging Friday. Because a photo’s worth 1,000 words, this will be a photo blogpost from me, featuring some of those more memorable beer moments. The Beer Moment Beer is my livelihood. It’s my social lubricant of choice. There are things that drive me to drink …

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Apr 06

3 things that drive me to blog about beer

The question posed by Angelo Brewpublic for The Session, #62: April 2012, is “What drives beer bloggers?” Most beer bloggers review beers, beer places, and events. Some post press releases.

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Mar 22

Do you have pfhlinger?

Memory is a shady thing, especially when a person was imbibing when they had a product. Working in retail, I have to interpret strange requests, exercising the art of decipher nearly every day. Some days I’m on, other days I just can’t translate. This category is dedicated to those sometimes strange customer requests that require …

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Feb 03

Terrariums terrorize craft beer lovers: Clean your jugs!

So you want a fresh fill of delicious craft beer in your growler. Did you clean your jugs?

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Jan 29

Appetizer: Stuffed Mushrooms …served with Kolsch

Stuffed mushrooms are my go-to appetizer. Not only are they delicious, but friends and family always request that they be brought along.

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Dec 04

The Session #58: Beers that’ll haunt Old Scrooge

Egad! It’s Sunday and this post is for The Session #58…intended for beer blogging Friday, December 2, 2011. Let’s get to it…

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Sep 07

Prohibition, or a Case of Supply vs. Demand?

Every day I hear questions from beer consumers. And every day I realize how little the consumer understands the difference between prohibition and economics. Questions like, “Can you get Samuel Adams Utopias?” and “Can you get BrewDog’s Sink the Bismarck!?” – these have multilayered answers; both have a foot in each camp.

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Apr 09

Let them eat cake, with beer!

There must be a gene for cake eaters that my mom passed down to me. My waistline tells me this, as does my craving for cake. I try to keep cake eating to special holidays. Anniversaries are great because you can create them to celebrate the start of all kinds of things in life. And …

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