Want to buy & sample spirits at your local bottle shop?

Want to buy & sample spirits at your local bottle shop?

If you’d like to buy & sample spirits at your local bottle shop, please contact Rep. Steve Kirby and request that he support amending SHB 1332 to allow Beer/Wine Shops to sell & sample craft spirits.

Ask Rep. Kirby to amend SHB 1332

Here’s my letter:

Dear Representative Kirby,

I am writing to ask your support in amending SHB 1332 to allow Beer/Wine Shops to sell & sample craft spirits.

In previous years, Specialty Wine/Beer Stores had clear differentiation from other Washington State Alcohol Licensees. As laws have changed, there’s been a dilution of what it means to be a “specialty” shop.

Now there are

  • Grocery stores offering samples;
  • Restaurants filling growlers;
  • Independent liquor stores selling kegs, growlers, plus wine & beer;
  • Taverns selling beer/wine to-go.

…so, what makes the “specialty” beer/wine store special?

Everyday items don’t make our businesses special, except to those who live locally. [Some of] Our customers are telling us, “I only pickup everyday items at the (big liquor chain); I come to you for this (specialty item).”

My husband and I own a specialty beer store; many other Washington state residents own specialty beer/wine stores. Since the privatization of liquor, big box liquor chains have entered Washington State. Half of the independent liquor stores have closed, some are still struggling.

Our neighborhood specialty beer/wine stores have also struggled, trying to keep their business viable by offering “specialty” service and products. We do our best to draw in new customers, carry inventory for specialty seekers, and serve our community of regulars.

Many specialty beer/wine stores, such as Fremont Wine, have seen their area’s independent liquor shops close, leaving a gap in their community. With the ability to also sell spirits, citizens would be able to help preserve small business while finding the specialty spirits in their home neighborhood. We also, are regularly asked for specialty spirit items, which we are unable to attain nor provide — due to 1182’s 10,000-square-foot requirement for spirits retailers.

It is our “specialty” items that keeps customers supporting neighborhood Specialty Beer/Wine Stores & small business owners in Washington State.

Washington’s specialty bottle shops are treading water in this economy. Things that once made us “specialty” have been diluted. Give our State’s small business owners a fighting chance by allowing them to carry craft distilled spirits. Please approve this addendum to SHB 1332.


Tiffany – co-owner, 99 Bottles® beer store
Beer store shopkeeper/owner @99bottlesbeer | 99bottles.net

– King 5’s Best of Western Washington

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