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Some of these retail stories are just too good not to share, aka "Man / woman walks into a beer store..."

Nov 12

Why don’t you just get a keg?

Overheard at the beer store… After getting the overview of how growlers work (reusable jugs that you can have filled via tap from kegged beer), husband and wife briefly discuss whether they want a growler fill. Wife seems perplexed by the whole thing, so the husband continues explaining that the beer is in a “keg” …

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Nov 01

I’m done. Let’s go home.

How to tell when you’re done for the day… Go outside shop and grab A-frame chalkboard to bring in. Guy walking up to the shop sees you doing this and says, “Oh, are you closing?” Respond, “You’re good; we’ve got about 15 minutes.” Bring in chalkboard, wipe clean in preparation for next week’s specials. Have …

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Oct 16

The beautiful wife & bonding over beer tasting

So, this happened at the shop today… Three men come in; two of whom are from North Dakota. They are in to do the tasting and buy beers to drink while they’re here on vacation and to bring back with them. They’re at the tasting counter, visiting and chatting. An Eastern European customer walks up …

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Aug 06

Beer store regulars

Most adorable thing happened today… Regular customer brought a friend with him to the beer store today. He’s showing him around, “Here’s the German beer, here’s the cider, here’s the barleywine, …” Giving him a little tour. It’s so cute! #adorablecustomers

Nov 29

You’re supposed to carry liquor…

This just happened on the phone… “Hello, this is Tiffany at 99 Bottles. How may I help you?” Lady, “Hello. Do you carry liquor?” “No, ma’am, we carry beer.” Lady, “Are you sure you don’t carry liquor?” “Just beer products; we’re a specialty beer store.” Lady, “Well, I’m calling you because you are supposed to …

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Aug 23

New definition: Stoner

“Stoner” — a person who has a great appreciation of (a boner for) Stone Brewing Co. In use, at a beer shop, on special release day of a new limited beer from Stone Brewing Co., “Look at all these Stoners.”

Jun 12

Spidey Sense

Um, yeah. This happened today: A guy just brought his growler in for fill with a spider in it. Does this mean I should post: “We will fill your growler jug if it’s semi-transparent glass, clean, and free of spiders & mold.” The fellow watched the Beer Clerk put it in the fill station, which …

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Jun 11

I’ll take one and walk.

Lady walks into a beer store… (this is an oldie, from 2012) Beer clerk points her to the beer in the cooler. The beer’s price tag includes a flavor description and a large yellow post that says, “1/person daily.” Beer clerk shouts out, “Excuse me ma’am, you’ve got to pay for that!”

Jun 10

Got new beer?

Man walks into a beer store and says, “Hey! You guys got any new brews!?” “Probably. When was the last time you were in?” replies the Beer Clerk. “About a year ago!” “In that case, yes. Most of it.” In the world of beer, there are standard beers that are available year-round, then there are …

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Jun 08

Impatient? Consider prepackaged beer.

Man and woman walk into a beer store, walk up to the counter. Beer clerk greets them, takes their growler order. The clerk writes up the order for the man (Ward) and says, “It’ll be a few minutes; I’ll shout out your name when the growler is ready.” A second Beer Clerk is filling growlers, …

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