Got new beer?

Got new beer?

Man walks into a beer store and says, “Hey! You guys got any new brews!?”

“Probably. When was the last time you were in?” replies the Beer Clerk.

“About a year ago!”

“In that case, yes. Most of it.”

In the world of beer, there are standard beers that are available year-round, then there are seasonals, rotating release, small batch, occasionals, rarities, collaborations, annual, biennial, and brewed once / one-offs. So, working in a specialty beer store means you see a lot of beers come-and-go. As for new arrivals, one week you may get just a handful of new products, while another week you could be learning over thirty new brews. It’s likely this guy has missed out on the opportunity to try at least a hundred new delicious brews that’ve come-and-left before his return.


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