The beautiful wife & bonding over beer tasting

The beautiful wife & bonding over beer tasting

So, this happened at the shop today…

manuela-hornThree men come in; two of whom are from North Dakota. They are in to do the tasting and buy beers to drink while they’re here on vacation and to bring back with them. They’re at the tasting counter, visiting and chatting.

An Eastern European customer walks up to the counter, checks out his mix of Russian & Czech beers, noticing the three men he says, “Zey look like zey’re having a good time; I’d like to join zem in tasting.” So I check him in, get his pours going and set him up with the three men.

Immediately he jumps into conversation with them, in thick accent says, ” My vife and I just went to Oktoberfezt lazt veekend,” bringing up a photo of the beautiful Manuela Horn on his iPhone.

The three men admire the beauty. One comments, “Your wife is beautiful!”

The European man replies, “Oh, zat’s not my vife!”

LOL!! He did follow-up with a photo of his wife.… and she was also lovely. Made me laugh.


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