Spidey Sense

Spidey Sense

Um, yeah. This happened today:

spider in a jugA guy just brought his growler in for fill with a spider in it.

Does this mean I should post:

“We will fill your growler jug if it’s semi-transparent glass, clean, and free of spiders & mold.”

The fellow watched the Beer Clerk put it in the fill station, which is backlit so we can see any mildew and unsanitary condition that would result in fill refusal. The Beer Clerk saw the spider, but the customers are far enough away that they can’t usually see lit-up condition of the jug. Just as the Beer Clerk was removing the jug to hand it back, unfilled, because of the creature living in it, the fellow said, “There’s a spider in there.”

Yes, he KNEW there was a spider inside BEFORE he handed the jug over for beer fill. So weird!!

Things like this leave me scratching my head and puzzled on how to better communicate with the public. You’d think to bring a growler that’s not full of mold or bugs would be common sense, but it’s not. And I’ve put everywhere possible that growler jugs brought in must be “ready for fill” and “clean” as Washington State Law says the jug presented by the customer must be “in sanitary condition” for us to fill it (or we could be cited with infraction).

I wonder if he thought he’d get Spidey Senses if drinking craft beer a la spider.


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