I’ll take one and walk.

I’ll take one and walk.

Lady walks into a beer store… (this is an oldie, from 2012)

Lady walks into a beer store, says, “I saw on facebook that (limited release beer) is in.”

Beer clerk points her to the beer in the cooler. The beer’s price tag includes a flavor description and a large yellow post that says, “1/person daily.”

daily limit beerLady sees the 1/person limit, removes a bottle from the cooler door, turns and starts walking out of the shop, beer on hand.

Beer clerk shouts out, “Excuse me ma’am, you’ve got to pay for that!”

Lady stops, just before exiting and says, “…but it says one per person. I’ve got my one.”

D’Oh!!! This lady seriously thought a bottle limit underneath the price tag meant that’s the number of FREE beers you could take every day. Really?! LOL

Small-batch, high-demand beer means there’s not enough bottles available to sell to everyone who wants it. When this is the case, we limit the number of bottles each person can buy per day. This means more people can get a chance to buy a bottle some. If we were to place no limit, the first or second person would likely buy the entire inventory, leaving none for anyone else. This is why specialty beer stores place sales limits on bottles. It’s us doing our part to get rare beer into as many homes/mouths as possible, rather than allowing one collector to buy it all.


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