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Oct 16

The beautiful wife & bonding over beer tasting

So, this happened at the shop today… Three men come in; two of whom are from North Dakota. They are in to do the tasting and buy beers to drink while they’re here on vacation and to bring back with them. They’re at the tasting counter, visiting and chatting. An Eastern European customer walks up …

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Sep 29

Do you have a men’s room?

So this happened today… Lady customer, who is accompanied by a man, asks, “Do you have a men’s room?” I reply, “Sorry, we don’t. The nearest public restroom is down at the Sports Warehouse.” She looks at me like I’m crazy and says, “The beer, Mens Room.” Me, “Oh yeah, top of door 7.” D’Oh!! …

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Nov 18

A beer, a business, and the Internet

To be more precise: A beer, beer business and the Internet. “Where does Tiffany’s life collide? for $400,” Alex. Eveningtime a glass of beer sits next to my monitor as I type and peruse the Internet. Morning is just me and the keys, sans beer. Googling for beer news, visiting bookmarked beer blogs, trolling the …

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