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Some of these retail stories are just too good not to share, aka "Man / woman walks into a beer store..."

Dec 09

Best customer quote

Best customer quote of today, so far, “I don’t like beer. I mean, regular American beer. I’d rather drink dog pee.” This, said by a woman who looks like a kind & loving grandmother.

Sep 10

Apparently I’m an asshole.

This just happened… It’s Saturday morning. The phone rings at the beer store. I answer it. There’s a woman on the other end who says, “We have a home kegerator and need a cylinder keg.” “There’s a list of 1,200 kegs on our website that we can order for you. Orders are due Tuesday by …

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Sep 05

Stripper …in a beer store?

Auggh! This just happened… A woman calls a beer store and says, “May I talk to the manager?” I respond, “Yes, I am, how may I help you?” Woman says in an impatient tone, “May I talk to the manager?” “Yes, I’m the owner, how can I help you?” Woman says, “My daughter turns 21 …

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