Apparently I’m an asshole.

Apparently I’m an asshole.

This just happened…

It’s Saturday morning. The phone rings at the beer store. I answer it. There’s a woman on the other end who says, “We have a home kegerator and need a cylinder keg.”

“There’s a list of 1,200 kegs on our website that we can order for you. Orders are due Tuesday by 3PM for arrival at the store by Friday afternoon,” I respond.

“We have a keg already. I just need it filled,” she replies.

“We can’t fill kegs. We’re a beer store. Only breweries can fill kegs for you,” I respond, in good effort to adequately reply to her request.

“I know that,” the woman snaps.

“I’m sorry ma’am State Law doesn’t allow beer stores to fill kegs,” I say.

“You don’t have to be an asshole,” she says and hangs up.

Ma’am why would you call a beer store to ask them to fill your keg if you already know they can’t fill your keg? *sigh*


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