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Some of these retail stories are just too good not to share, aka "Man / woman walks into a beer store..."

Dec 18

Dirty beer drinkers

It’s always fun to see what folks end up purchasing this time of year. Today a lady spent nearly 45 minutes looking around the store… all the beer, cider, mead, glasses, t-shirts,… her purchase? Two bars of beer soap. I guess the beer drinkers in her life are dirty SOBs. LOL!

Oct 31

Tips are an amazing thing.

Something amazing just happened… I got a $5 tip today! I think it’s been nearly a year since someone last tipped me. I work in a specialty beer store. I’m not a waitress, so I don’t expect tips. Rarely do I get tips. This tip was really cool… About a week ago I helped this …

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Sep 29

Do you have a men’s room?

So this happened today… Lady customer, who is accompanied by a man, asks, “Do you have a men’s room?” I reply, “Sorry, we don’t. The nearest public restroom is down at the Sports Warehouse.” She looks at me like I’m crazy and says, “The beer, Mens Room.” Me, “Oh yeah, top of door 7.” D’Oh!! …

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Jun 21

Do you homebrew?

Customers regular ask me: “Do you homebrew?” My answer: “No. I’m not really into cooking & cleaning, but the science part sounds cool.” I’ve got the personality of a drinker, not a brewer. #leavingittotheprofessionals

Jun 05

Kegs to go, or not…

Not a week’s passed in 2012 where C and I haven’t debated the pros and cons of offering kegs to go at the ol’ beer shop. While it’s nice to offer kegs of beer to customers who are good, there are some that behave badly, putting us through the wringer, quite literally.

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May 31

Troubled person or just a difficult customer?

Working with difficult people has been one of the biggest and most challenging aspects of running a retail business. I struggle with this daily. My gut tells me not to reward bad behavior. But when someone’s acting bizarre you don’t know if they’re just crazy or truly crazy.

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Apr 11

Have a nasty day.

Helped a customer on the phone today, but didn’t have the answers he was looking for. At the end of the conversation, he told me, “Have a nasty day.” …what?! #haveANastyDay #stayClassy

Mar 22

Do you have pfhlinger?

Memory is a shady thing, especially when a person was imbibing when they had a product. Working in retail, I have to interpret strange requests, exercising the art of decipher nearly every day. Some days I’m on, other days I just can’t translate. This category is dedicated to those sometimes strange customer requests that require …

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Feb 17

Fat Woody

Overheard at 99 Bottles yesterday, “Enjoy your Fat Woody.”

Dec 21

A visit from Santa

Haha! A customer snapped this picture using my phone. I think she was wiggly. Santa cracks me up. As he was shopping, you’d hear a low, “Ho Ho Ho” every now and then. And the other customers always crack me up when they see him at the beer store shopping… everyone pauses upon entering, seeing …

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