Best working vacation ever

Best working vacation ever

Beer Bloggers Conference - Indianapolis : July 2012I love learning and I love drinking beer. So I can’t imagine a much better short vacation, a little weekend away from the store, than the 2012 Beer Bloggers Conference.

Sexy location, for my tongue

Indianapolis may not sound like the most exotic vacation locale, but there’s some kick-ass beers in the midwest. Beers that are so limited in production or popular in their region that there just isn’t enough for the brewery to send any to Washington State.

Indiana Microbrewers FestivalI’m talking Three Floyds, Bells, Surly, Goose Island, and microbreweries with delights I’ve never even imagined. Plus the Brugge Brasserie brewery-restaurant in Indianapolis, which comes highly recommended by a fellow beer-fiend friend who knows of my love for Belgian-style sour ales.

Just how many beers am I talking?

For an indication of how much beer my tongue will touch, here’s a little snippet of Beer Bloggers Conferences gone-by:

  • 2010 Beer Bloggers Conference, Boulder, Colorado: 52 different beers over 2 days
  • 2011 Beer Bloggers Conference, Portland, Oregon: 46 different beers over 2 days
    (Yeah, I slacked a bit last year, but brought home an assortment to have at home.)

If I do it right, I may just earn my “Extraordinary Beer Drinker” Untappd badge while in Indy, achieving 1,000 unique beers tasted and tracked from my smart phone.

The trick to drinking so much beer

Drink water! "You will undoubtedly use the restrooms more frequently, but in the end this will keep you from becoming dehydrated and could help reduce the chance of suffering a hangover later on."So, what’s the key to tasting and drinking so much beer over a couple of days? Water! Drinking plenty of water intertwined with beer not only cleanses your palate, but it also keeps you hydrated.

Even with the water, it’s likely that tongue’s gonna need a vacation after this working vacation!

If you’re a beer lover and like to share your experiences through words or video, this vacation hotspot is right up your alley. Register soon — and see you in Indy!


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