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Oct 20

Help Wanted: Another reason for a pour

99 Pours — Why so many? There are things that drive us to drink. There are drinks to refresh and replenish. There are drinks that bring us together socially. There are drinks that help us relax. And if I get a pour for every reason to drink, that’s got to be at least 99 pours… …

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Oct 02

The Series: One-shots that go too fast

The American culture is a curious thing. Its peoples are big on a lot of things, like series. We like things in sequences and categories. All kinds of sports series, television series, movie series (‘Star Wars’ I understand, but the ‘Transformers,’ really?!). Even our craft breweries are creating sequels and series. Brewery series are both loveable …

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Aug 21

Hello beer, could you be my true love?

First impressions count in speed dating. In just a few minutes, you get an impression of what to expect: bold or brash, subtle or delicate, familiar or strange. Attraction and senses put forth signals of having enough or wanting to discover more. In just a few minutes you get a taste of whether you want …

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Jul 19

Reunited, and the beer’s so good.

I edge up to the taps and order an ‘African Amber.’ That’s the American amber style ale from Mac & Jack’s Brewery that’ll be flowing into this plastic party cup at this 25th high school reunion.

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Jul 06

Cider sensory analysis with Peter Mitchell

Peter Mitchell is an internationally recognized authority in cider and perry, from making to tasting and judging. His company, Mitchell F&D Limited, offers consultation, training and tours — all focused on ciders and perrys.

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Jun 12

The 6-Pack: Hippies

There’s a 6-pack out there for everyone. Really, there is. Though it may take a bit of thought and looking around to identify the right beers, it can be done. The hippie pack This pack was inspired by the April Fools Day photo that C put on his facebook page. I was the only one …

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May 01

The Great Beer & Cheese-Off

I’ve been loosely following The Session for some time now, planning to join in “some day.” So when beer writer Jay Brooks announced Session #51: The Great Online Beer & Cheese-Off, I knew this was a session I would join.

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Apr 04

Beerfest prefunc!

Hop Scotch 2011 was my third festival at Fremont Studios and the third time I have arrived early. So convenient that Brouwer’s Cafe is kitty-corner from the venue, eh?

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Mar 29

Pour me another Le Terroir

Place your mouth to the rim of the glass. Breathe in deeply, with lips slightly parted, to draw the dry hopped aromatics into your mouth. At first sip, the tongue is awakened by lively tart and tangy tropical fruits and dank floral hops. Mmmmm.

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Mar 06

Got a beer glass for that?

Confessions of a beer store shopkeeper #1: I’ve become a beer glass hoarder. Beer glasses have taken over my kitchen. They surround the special servingware and encircle my plates. They’ve pushed the regular glasses aside. They shimmer and shine, and their happy logos wink at me, knowingly. Some tell me, “Girl, you’ve a problem.” Others …

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