Hello beer, could you be my true love?

Hello beer, could you be my true love?

First impressions count in speed dating. In just a few minutes, you get an impression of what to expect: bold or brash, subtle or delicate, familiar or strange. Attraction and senses put forth signals of having enough or wanting to discover more. In just a few minutes you get a taste of whether you want to spend more time with one of the eight potential ales.

Widmer Brothers Prickly Pear BraggotHello. My name is Prickly Pear Braggot. I’m from Widmer Brothers.

I’m a traditional sort, with a modern twist. A mix of ale, mead and prickly pear. As a Braggot, my style may be unconventional but those who give me a chance quickly fall in love. I’m vintage, from 2010, and am aging well. Wine lovers may find me most appealing as I have dainty herbal and honey aromatics and flavors, with a viscous, smooth mouthfeel. I’ve got virtually no bitterness in my soul and my 10% is calming. But I should be honest and disclose this: I won’t be around for long.

Karl Strauss Boardwalk Black IPAHello. My name is Boardwalk Black Rye. I’m from Karl Strauss.

I like to take long walks on the beach in Karl’s Coastal Reserve. I’m dark, sticky, and a tad spicy with a dry sense of humor and a Ahtanuna hop kick! I’m a glass of goodness that’ll engulf you in molasses, coffee and roasty malts. My 8% will have you taking your time, so we can savor what we’ve started here. Want to spend more time together? Come visit me in California.

MillerCoors Blue Moon Vintage BlondeHello. My name is Blue Moon Vintage Blonde. I’m from Miller/Coors.

I’m a sassy blonde, with an effervescent body, and I care little about what people say about my family. Call me Carmen Miranda, if you will. I sport notes of apple, citrus and fresh fruit. I’m sparkling, yet sexy and silky. Men eye me, women want to be me. Am I bitter? Nope. Not a trace to be found. What you will find is an assertive Chardonnay flavor and the effects of 8.5%.

New Planet Off Grid Pale AleHello. My name is Off Grid Pale Ale. I’m from New Planet Beer.

I’m quite different from the others you’re meeting today. I’m gluten free, so if you’ve got celiac disease, you and I will make a perfect pair. My family includes other delicious beers; we’re all descendents of Sorghum — but I’m a little different, with a little brown rice. I’m into saving the earth and sound environmental practices. I’m a little toasty with a bit of molasses. I don’t go all over the place, so if you want to meet up, you’ll have to find me.

Ninkasi Total DominationHello. My name is Total Domination. I’m from Ninkasi.

I’m big and bold, yet quite loveable if you’ll drink me. I’m often first perceived as intensely antagonistic, but trust me, I’ll grow on you. My big malt background is sound and sure footed. I’m a modern kind of ale, for the modern kind of drinker. I come in a big package, and you’re welcome to hang out anytime — alone or with my family pack.

Deschutes JubelaleHello. My name is Jubelale. I’m from Deschutes.

My favorite season is winter. I love cuddling to create a bit of warmth. I’m complex and layered — juicy and caramelly — a solid brew. I like to change it up, sporting a new frock every winter. This year’s is by Cara + Louie. I’m not just a fashionista, I’ll also be a true friend. I know we’ve met before, so this speed dating thing is a bit awkard. See you in a couple months, sweetie.

Oakshire Overcast Espresso StoutHello. My name is Overcast Espresso Stout. I’m from Oakshire.

You and I both know that we’re not strangers; we’ve met before on one of your Sunday excursions. But there’s a few things you’ll want to know about me… I’m from a growing family. I’m a sessionable 5.8%. Since you’re also from the Pacific Northwest, you’ll appreciate my rich, deep espresso tones on an overcast day. And I’ll be there for you year-round.

Breakside Gin Barrel Double WitHello. My name is Gin Barrel Sour Double Wit. I’m from Breakside.

At first glance, people may think I’m a bit crazy, thinking, “Gin, barrel, sour, double, what?” Yes, I realize that’s a lot to take in at once. I’m new to the area and believe in personal expression. I’m a tad fruity, but in a good lemon-esque way, and will remain your friend at 7.1%. I’m a bit experimental, up for anything. Spend a little time with me and you’ll discover I’m a tart, special, expressive ale. We’ll partner great together, you and I. Give me a chance and I’ll be your special ale.

Note: On Saturday, August 20th I attended a speed [dating] blogging session at the 2011 Beer Bloggers Conference in Portland, Ore. This is a summary of those brief, and sometimes enchanting, meetings.


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