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Novelty Beers: A shout-out for October’s The Session

The Session: A beer blogging first Friday event

The project: The Session

The Session, a.k.a. Beer Blogging Friday, is an opportunity once a month for beer bloggers from around the world to get together and write from their own unique perspective on a single topic, such as Novelty Beers. Each month, a different beer blogger hosts the Session, chooses a topic and creates a round-up listing all of the participants, along with a short pithy critique of each entry. Over time, it is the hope that a record will be created with much useful information about various topics on the subject of beer. Read more…

The theme: Novelty Beers

With the onslaught of even weirder beards…erm…beers…than before, I can’t help but wonder if novelty beers are going too far. Or maybe not far enough? LOL! As a merchant of beer, I can see the place for novelty beers, as I am choosing for some customers who say, “I want the strangest beer you have.” We’ve even seen some novelty beers in our top-sellers. But beer traditionalists sometimes frown on these new and bizarre concoctions. And I can’t help but wonder if Martyn Cornell will participate, sharing bizarre but notable historic brews.

The month: October 2012

And what better time for novelty, than the month that holds Halloween? That’s six weeks from now, so get out and explore the novelty beers out there. Publish your Novelty Beer Session on Friday, October 5th, then share your posts here.

What novelty beer comes to mind when you think: Is this beer just to strange to stay around? Why in the world would they choose ingredients most beer drinkers have never heard of …what the heck is a qatar fruit? If it’s okay for beer to taste like tea or coffee, why not pizza? If wild yeasts are allowed to ferment beer, then why not beard yeast? If oysters, why not bacon? If pumpkin’s good enough for pie, why not beer? Since hops are flowers, why not brew with actual flowers?

The Session, October 2012: Novelty Beers


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  1. steve

    cool topic, i’ll get thinking

  2. Glen

    It may still be Thursday in most of the world, but in Australia, it’s Friday morning.
    So here’s my simple thoughts on novelty beers

  3. Jon

    My contribution for this month’s Session http://10thdaybrewing.blogspot.com/2012/10/session-68-novelty-beers.html

  4. Pintsandpubs

    Good topic, I look forward to reading the round up. Here’s my contribution:


  5. The Beer Nut

    Excellent topic! My post is here.

  6. Reuben Gray

    Here is my contribution:

    Happy Friday!

  7. Stan Hieronymus

    Here is my contribution.

    Thanks for hosting.


  8. Bryan

    Rodents in top hats?

    I don’t see why you wouldn’t want to see that!

    Thanks for hosting! Cheers to this months fellow bloggers.

  9. James

    I took a slightly different direction with this topic…by looking at what I define “novelty” to be in beer terms.

    Sadly, it generally means shit beer, because when I think about crazy craft beer and extreme brewing…I tend to love those beers far too much for them to be novel, as I drink them again and again and…

    Find my post for this Session at: http://beerbarband.blogspot.com.au/2012/10/novelty-beers-session-no68.html

  10. Sheppy

    I guess the blog didn’t like my first attempt to add my contribution. Let me try again: http://blog.ericshepard.com/2012/10/novelty-beers-oct-2012-session.html

  11. Derrick

    Thanks for hosting Tiffany, with a fun topic! My post is up:


    Take care,


  12. John

    Hi, thanks for hosting! Here’s my post:

    A Novel, Savoury Beer From The Past

  13. Alan

    Tiffany, it was a fun topic to ponder. Here are my results:

    The Session No. 68: Novelty Beers


  14. Tiffany

    I’m going to wait until end-of-day (that’s after 8PM PST) to start The Session #68 Round-up, so keep ‘em coming! Loads of interesting topics so far. This seems to be a polarizing topic on the blogosphere, just like it is with our customers in-store.

    Here’s a super “shortie” that came in via twitter:

    My favorite Session post so far for @99Pours – “cock ale” #homebrew made with chicken: http://homebrewmanual.com/novelty-beer/

  15. Sean Inman

    Here is my humble contribution from L.A.

    Cheers and thanks for hosting!

  16. Ryan Newhouse

    Great topic! Here’s my post on novelty beers: http://www.montanabeerfinder.com/2012/10/the-session-novelty-beers.html

  17. beerbecue

    Here is my contribution for this month. Thanks for hosting! http://beerbecue.wordpress.com/2012/10/05/the-session-68-novelty-beers/

  18. David

    Good one! Here’s my post:


  19. Louis

    Love me some weird beers. Especially this one:

  20. Tom Bedell

    Kept it as clean as possible under the circumstances!


  21. Jay Brooks


    Thanks for hosting, here’s my Session post:




  22. Looke

    OK, I think I went a bit too far with this one, but hopefully it was what you were after.


    Nice topic by the way.


  23. Bottled Roger

    Thanks for hosting. Here is a contribution from a Fool and His Beers.


  24. Jon Abernathy

    Hi Tiffany, thanks for hosting! I’ve got my Session post for the Brew Site here.


  25. Tiffany

    Started the roundup, but, alas am falling asleep at the keyboard. Stay tuned for post!

  26. Alan

    Thanks for hosting!


  27. John Fremont

    I did not have time to read all entries. Did anyone write about this:


    Brewing a beer like this is just nuts!

    1. Tiffany

      Yes, the testicular ale received many nods and winks, even a homebrew recipe for Cock Ale was included. ;-)

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