Another blog I read: The Old Hen

Another blog I read: The Old Hen

I just finished telling you about the beer blogs I read and share most. Here’s a non-beer blog that I visit most — you should too — and use her recipes. They’re delicious.

The Old Hen Bed & Breakfast –

If the food photos don’t have you drooling, you may be a little weird.

I’ve made a few of Deanna’s recipes several times over. My favorite, and one I’ve introduced to family and friends, is her Chopped Pizza Salad.

I use Hormel mini pepperoni and leave out the ham. I chop head lettuce and use premixed Hidden Valley Ranch Dresssing. My brother tells me to write down those recipe alterations when I’m handing him the blog print-out; he wants to add the Chopped Pizza Salad to his dinner repertoire.

If you know me, I’m not much of a cook. I dabble here and there when I have time. I like to make and share hors d’ouvres. But as for cooking a meal, I’d much prefer to be a guest at The Old Hen B&B just to have Deanna cook for me. Some day this will happen. I am sure of it.

Sharing words of wisdom, not just good food

A party spread I put together; everyone loved The Old Hen's Chopped Pizza Salad recipeDeanna’s also pretty wise. Her blog site shows her most current tweet. On her tweets you’ll find gems like this; some are reserved for facebook friends… I can’t help but share. These are precious! They are things that make me smile.

“Never keep your trail mix next to your paper clips. You’re welcome.”

“The good news when spraying a good quality hairspray into your eye is that your lashes will stay in place all day.”

“You are clearly too short when the massage chair comforts your head when it’s in the neck setting. #pedicure”

“I should have known something was fishy when I couldn’t smell the wild Copper River salmon cooking. Next time I shall place it in the heated oven. #firstworldproblems”

“Maybe I should have considered that being on Evening Magazine would mean making the same breakfast by request every day for the rest of my career. #groundhogday”

“It was a choice between whole grain bread and a croissant. Le bread lost.”

“Whistling very loudly to get your husband’s attention is better than yelling until you try and remember you, indeed, have never been able to whistle.”

“I find it enduring that husband believes in Spray ‘n Wash the same way the dad on My Big Fat Green Wedding believed in Windex”

“Never joke that you are dotter’s cat’s grandma at the vet unless you are ready to hear them use that title back at ya for fun at least 20 times. Lesson learned.”

“Mom tells dad when to take his meds. Dad tells me how to drive. It’s a family agreement we have. Only, you know, I never got a vote.”

“One must be careful. There is a fine line between paisleys and leaches.”

“I was just left alone with some chips and a can of fake cheddar cheese. this should have never happened. I am ashamed.”

“Dear Safeway, I know ur just trying to be polite but please stop making your employees say my name. It is just plain painful to watch. Sincerely, Ms. Moocowski?”

“Sometimes my comments are so utterly ridiculous that I wonder where all these thoughts went before Facebook existed.”

Sharing pairings

It is likely that you’ll see me pairing beers with recipes from The Old Hen in the upcoming months. Consider yourself notified. And as Deanna would say, “You’re welcome.”


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  1. I’m dying laughing, Tiffany. It’s not every day one starts their day finding an awesome article like this one. Also not every day one gets to have a childhood photo added at the end. You have made my life! Thank you, friend. 🙂 xo

    1. We were so fashionable back then! I really love your blog, recipes, wisdom…you are a highlight of my day, Deanna! Just had to share. And will be working on beer pairings with some of your recipes to share with friends & customers. Cheers!

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