Do not mail. No beer mail for me!

Do not mail. No beer mail for me!

I’ve been creating “beer mail” on Constant Contact for nearly five years. Managing beer mail, what I’ve dubbed The Weekly Brews, has been an interesting experience. The email started as a weekly send, but in the past two years has become more of The [Not So] Weekly Brews, reaching inboxes one or two times monthly. With more time focused on in-store customers and business management tasks, there’s less time to write about all the new and returning beers.

In five years, 528 people have chosen to put themselves on the “Do Not Mail” list. Of those, 81 have given reasons for their departure; below are those reasons.

Reasons to opt-out of beer mail

Can’t drink anymore. πŸ™
Change to [new mail address] Thanks!
changed email address to [new mail address] if you want to send future ads there instead that is fine.
Closed e-mail account – will resubscribe with new one
cutting down on notices like this in my inbox
Don’t drink anymore.
don’t go there much live far far away
Don’t live in Seattle anymore, unfortunately.
don’t worry just changed my email address
Going on vacation for 3 weeks, and don’t want a ton of emails to come home to. Will resubscribe when we return.
He died
I actually quit drinking for almost one year now and I don’t need to be teased by all of your good beer choices. THanks and good luck to you!
I am just cutting back on the amount of email I get. I still enjoy your store.
I don’t drink alcohol.
I don’t get down to Federal Way much, maybe once a year, so the ads aren’t relevant to me.
I don’t know how I was put on this list. It’s my old work address.
I have moved from Federal Way. cant come to pickuo beer πŸ™ Cheers
I haven’t shopped with you in a long time and I’m cleaning up all of my e-mail “subscriptions”
I homebrew now and am not interested in exotic beers at this time.
I just have too many things coming to my mailbox. I’ll check your website for updates.
I left fed way πŸ™
I love 99 Bottles but unfortunately I have moved away from the area. You offer great service and excellent beers. Thank you!
I love the store, but I don’t shop there as much as I used to, so the emails are a bit much.
I moved out of state.
I moved out of state. Thanks for all the exciting updates though a bit bitter – sweet due to the demographic distance. Thanks again and best of luck!
I moved out of the country and the thought of missing all that delicious beer is too much to bear!
I moved to ID and no longer visit your store. Thank you for the info you have given in the past.
I no longer live in the area
I no longer live in the area
I quit drinking
I will have limited access to my e-mail in the near future and I did not want a lot of e-mail to read when I am able to check.
I’d rather go in to see what’s going on πŸ˜›
I’ve decided to stop drinking for health reasons. I really enjoyed the beer while i lasted though πŸ™‚
I’ve moved out of the area – in fact out of the country! I enjoyed your store and your service while I lived in Washington.
Just switching emails.
Just too many emails from too many places. I’m streamlining.
live too far away
Love the store, just dont need the email alerts. See you soon.
moved from the area
Moved from the area. Loved your store. Will miss it greatly.
moved out of area
Moved out of state. Thanks for all of the good beer:)
moved out of the area
moved to NY
Moved to Texas. πŸ™
Moved, not in the area anymore, will miss 99 Bottles. Loved shopping for your LARGE selection of beers.
Moved. Bad email address.
moving from the region. It was fun!
Moving out of the area
Moving to NYC.
Moving to San Diego
multiple address’ receiving your newsletters…one is enough. πŸ™‚
New medication I’m on does not mix well with beer. πŸ™ Need to avoid the temptation.
no longer at this address
No longer live in the area
No longer live in the area.
no thanks
Not enough time to go through all my emails right now.
not interested
old email address
Only wanted the Dogfish 120, and wasn’t notified in time.
Sorry. Not living in the area any longer.
Stopped drinking beer
This is spam, I did not sign up for this bullshit. Burn in hell!

No Spam here!

I always find it curious when unsubscribers also click the “Spam” report button as our list has a double opt-in requirement. This means whether they sign up in-store or direct online, they must confirm subscription from their email address. Clearly this guy must’ve had too much to drink and forgotten that he confirmed that he wanted to receive email from us. If a buddy of his signed him up in store, he still needed to confirm! And his wish for me to burn in hell for his lack of memory? Well, that’s just mean.

too busy thanks
too many emails
too many e-mails
too many mailings
too much email overall
wasn’t what i thought……sorry.
When I have come into your store ….. Your customer service is terrible. You act like you are selling 100 year old scotch .. instead of beer …
You are further away than I thought, but your store looks awesome!


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