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Sep 03

Rotary supports small business while raising funds

I’m living the lifestyle of a beer store shopkeeper, working with nonprofits. There are organizations that we work with every year, through festival sponsorship. Sponsorships are a weird thing. It means you give money to a nonprofit cause

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Jul 28

Beer Bloggers Conference Panel Follow-Up: Networking with local breweries, distributors, and retailers

Wow, where does time go? It’s already been two weeks since our panel on Networking with Local Breweries, Distributors, and Retailers, and I’d intended to do a follow-up post in a timely manner. Things learned: I’m no dynamic speaker. I already knew that, but now about 120 beer bloggers also know. But I’ll always speak …

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Jan 20

BeerFolk: Hagan Blount

He’s reaching out to breweries and beer importers in a way that other beer bloggers aren’t.

Jan 19

BeerFolk: BrewDad

This dad enjoys craft beer and knows how to properly commandeer a “beer pirate” table.

Dec 25

Koch calls for citizen beer bloggers to act as Private Dicks

50 states, 50 sets of alcohol law. Stone’s Greg Koch discusses beer law & ethics.

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