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Jul 30

Questions people ask about beer (aka, Topics for beer bloggers)

Fizzy yellow beer (FYB) seems pretty simple: It’s crisp, light, and refreshing. Some may say it’s just fizzy yellow water posing as beer, but there are millions devoted to it. And a few of those may even believe the myths that drinking it will attract pretty women, or that it’s the coldest tasting thing in …

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Jul 29

The beer bloggers reach

There are over 223 Million people in the United States who are of legal drinking age. 95 Million of those are beer drinkers. That’s a lot of audience potential for your average beer blogger.

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Jul 28

Beer Bloggers Conference Panel Follow-Up: Networking with local breweries, distributors, and retailers

Wow, where does time go? It’s already been two weeks since our panel on Networking with Local Breweries, Distributors, and Retailers, and I’d intended to do a follow-up post in a timely manner. Things learned: I’m no dynamic speaker. I already knew that, but now about 120 beer bloggers also know. But I’ll always speak …

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