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May 01

Mean people suck.

I always imagined the craft beer industry to be filled with cool people. We all love the same delicious, handcraft product and want to share it with others. I guess my personal views may be a bit Utopian. Now, just over six years into the business, I find myself growing a bit weary, tired, frustrated, …

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Apr 29

MM: Beer Wars (on so many levels)

I keep things. They’re like little bits of memories all over the place, stuffed in drawers and boxes and in the bottom of my purse. This morning I was clearing out an old box of papers and came across these: Movie tickets from April 16, 2009. The movie? Beer Wars. …and it was playing LIVE! …

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Apr 11

Have a nasty day.

Helped a customer on the phone today, but didn’t have the answers he was looking for. At the end of the conversation, he told me, “Have a nasty day.” …what?! #haveANastyDay #stayClassy

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