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Mar 29

Pour me another Le Terroir

Place your mouth to the rim of the glass. Breathe in deeply, with lips slightly parted, to draw the dry hopped aromatics into your mouth. At first sip, the tongue is awakened by lively tart and tangy tropical fruits and dank floral hops. Mmmmm.

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Feb 19

Boulevard Chocolate Ale

Last night’s pour: Boulevard Chocolate Ale.

I’m kooky for Cocoa Pebbles….erm, I mean Boulevard Chocolate Ale! Cocoa cereal ale goodness goes down way too easy at over 9%. And it’s rare. I’m sorry folks, I need to get myself another bottle of this, which means one less to sell.

Feb 06

Loss of a prophet & Pink Killer controversy

Beervana loses beloved prophet of beer when Oregon publican Don Younger passes on January 31st. His sage advice will be passed on through his beerciples.

Who’d of thought the beers I drank this week would cause such a stir on my facebook page?! …that is, the Pink Killer. Plus other happenings and pours this week.

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