On becoming the “Martha Stewart” of beer

On becoming the “Martha Stewart” of beer

organized like Martha

I’ve been an admirer of Martha Stewart Living for 20 years. Yes, it’s been that long. The magazine’s first edition was released in 1990 when I was attending Washington State University. I’m not sure what exactly draws me in; it could be the fabulous décor, ease of entertaining,… Or could it be because Martha and my best friend, who also shares a love for arts & crafts, slightly resemble one another. If I had to pick one thing, I would say it’s about…

The lifestyle.
The lifestyle where everything is beautiful, in its place. Everything turns out perfect (or is edited as such). Martha and her crew create places I would like to be. Cook things I would like to try. They make crafting look so easy. And everything is so wonderfully neat and organized!

The lifestyle aspects of Martha Stewart Living cover things that I enjoy: Food, Entertaining, Holidays, Crafts, Home & Garden, Pets, and Community. …and all these things can be extended to beer. The beer lifestyle is about beer & food, entertaining with beer, beer for the holidays, beer crafts, beer’s place in the home and garden, beer for pets…

Did I say “Beer for Pets”? Ok, how about hanging out with our pets while enjoying a beer? Or if you’re feeling lonely, having a Pet Beer…is that anything like a pet rock? Boy, I do digress!

These are all things I’ll write about on this site. I’ll also introduce you to lovers of beer — people who’ve touched my life, and the beers we’ve shared together.

Photo credits: ©2010 99 Pours


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