Indian Brown Ale & Rolos

Indian Brown Ale & Rolos

Dogfish Head Indian Brown Ale and Rolos

It’s true: Chewy caramel and milk chocolate are a classic combination. This is the core goodness of the Rolo.

Add a glass of Indian Brown Ale from Dogfish Head Craft Brewery of Delaware and that Rolo becomes joyful goodness in the mouth! A sparkle in the eye and a kick of the heel may result.

Indian Brown is a hybrid beer: Scotch Ale, meets American Brown, meets India Pale Ale.  It’s a malty ale, brewed with caramelized brown sugar, giving it notes of molasses, coffee and chocolate. A perfect pairing for the classic combination of chewy caramel and milk chocolate.

Sampling this pairing:

  1. Pour beer into glass
  2. Sip beer, take note of the flavor
  3. Unwrap Rolo, take a bite, mmmm…chewy!
  4. Sip beer, notice how the beer’s flavor changes from the Rolo’s impact
  5. Sip, bite, sip, bite, sip… sip, sip…

For added enjoyment, share with a friend.

And if Rolo candies aren’t dressed up enough for you, check out this recipe for Easy Pretzel Turtles.

Photo credit: © 2010 99 Pours


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