Beer Year Resolutions

Beer Year Resolutions

New Year's Day

Happy Beer Year! Yes, it’s that time again. Time for resolutions. Strange how each year for the past 4… 7… 10… years have all included one thing:

“Lose weight. Get in shape.” Having a job that requires lots of lifting, standing and reaching you’d think I’d be in better shape. But, alas, sometime in my early 30s that desk job, late-night snacking, and decreased physical activity got the best of me. So here I am, reaching into my mid-40s at least 60# over what I’d like to be. And my cat-like reflexes are no longer cat-like — even though I still refer to them as such.

laundry supervisorNew Year’s Day I spent relaxing, with a little housework. Due to the holidays and losing my washing machine, may it rest in peace, I was severely behind on laundry. I cracked open a bottle of North Coast Old Stock 2009 Cellar Reserve, kicked up my feet, attempted to watch a movie…err…movies… (Finding myself stopping four movies, just not finding the right subject, and finally settling on an episode of The Girls Next Door. Not a new episode, but an entertaining one when it was Kendra, Holly, Bridget and Hef.) …and folded three baskets and a footstool full of laundry, with the dog looking on.

Top of my list for New Year’s Resolutions:

Move more. Exercising once a week would be more than what I’ve been doing. I can’t believe a year has passed since I made the resolution to “dance more,” which I didn’t live up to. I used to love dancing, even around the house; however, largely gave up these silly acts of “being me” at home when I started sharing my living space nearly 14 years ago. No one wants to see a fat girl dance. And when one pokes fun, the fat girl gives up.

Don’t eat dinners so late. I’ve already broken this, with spaghetti dinner served after 9PM upon completing a long day of counting beer. (Yes, it’s time for our annual inventory closure!) Would this be more attainable, if I told myself, “don’t eat so much“? Don’t eat half a pizza — show some self control, girl. Eat one or two slices plus a serving of vegetables or salad. Perhaps snacking on something healthy throughout the day won’t leave me so famished after a 10-plus-hour workday? That pizza just goes down way to fast and easy when my stomach’s been grumbling, “pizza, pizza, pizza!”

Keep drinking beer. Hey, can that be a resolution? It’s kind of in my job description: “You have to drink it to be able to talk about it.” I’ve been eyeing books called “A Diet for the Beer Drinking Man” and “The Drink Beer, Get Thin Diet.” But, really, I haven’t read a full book in a few years due to lack of time — there are at least three books bookmarked at various stages, all laying around the house, waiting for me to revisit and finish them. So buying a book would just be a waste of money, right? (I digress.)

North Coast Old Stock 2009 Cellar ReserveBy the way, this North Coast Old Stock 2009 Cellar Reserve is TOTALLYOUTOFTHISWORLDAWESOME!

It’s full of bourbony goodness without the burn of hard liquor. However, you can feel its warmth as it travels down your gullet. It’s a perfect warmer for this weather we’re having here in the NW.

Imagine: Toffee, toasty, oaky-woody, vanilla, caramelly brown sugar, raisin-date, chocolate, bourbon, oh, oh, oh so amazing and rich.

Write about life, with beer. Honesty counts.

Get back to things I enjoy. Live in a clean house, grow flowers in the garden, do arts and crafts, have friends over, get comfortable being me again…


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