Where are the Mac & Jack’s bottles?

Where are the Mac & Jack’s bottles?

“Do you have Mac & Jack’s?” is a question we hear daily at the store. My typical response, “We can get you kegs of Mac & Jack’s beers, but they don’t bottle.”

Mac & Jack's in bottles? Sorry, no.I’m surprised at the handful of people who attempt to argue with me that Mac & Jack’s Brewery offers bottled beer and that I am an idiot for not realizing that the local [insert grocery store name here] carries their African Amber. Sorry, dude, you are clearly wrong. You are simply attempting to argue a point that is simply untrue.

You won’t find their beer here or anywhere else in bottles — unless you’re referring to growler fills that you can get at the brewery or at taverns. But I know that’s not the case as you’re talking about six-packs and grocery stores.

I don’t know what beer you think you saw at the big-box grocery chain, but it wasn’t Mac & Jack’s African Amber. I sigh and let the person rant on.

But I can tell you what you CAN do if you’d like to buy Mac & Jack’s African Amber from us to drink at home…

Contact your Washington State Legislator and ask them to vote YES ON HB 1465.

HB 1465 will allow beer stores like ours to package growlers to-go of beers that are currently only available in keg format. Yes, this means that we would be able to package Mac & Jack’s African Amber for you to enjoy at home.

p.s. And if you think this picture of Mac & Jack’s African Amber is real, you’re sadly mistaken. 😉


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  1. An update on HB 1465. The bill has been approved by the Washington State House and Senate, it was delivered to Gov. Gregoire on April 19, 2011, and her aid tells us of her signing it into law, “Potentially later this week.”

    We’re told that once signed into law, it will probably take *at least* 90 days to go into effect.

    1. Woot! Gov. Gregoire signed HB 1465 into law on April 29, 2011. Effective July 22, 2011, Specialty Beer & Wine shops are able to attain an added liquor endorsement to package growlers to-go for customers.

      Where can I get Mac & Jack’s?

      The following locations always carry Mac & Jack’s African Amber on their fill stations for packaging growlers to-go—

      East side: Mac & Jack’s Brewery (Redmond)
      North end: Norm’s Market (Lake Stevens)
      South end: 99 Bottles (Federal Way)

      Bring your clean, dry glass ready-for-fills growler to one of these locations for a fresh fill of African Amber, or bring extra cash to purchase both a jug and a fill!

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