Does cider taste like…cider?

Does cider taste like…cider?

Today in the beer shop:

Chelan Gold Hard CiderLady, pointing to a hard apple cider, asks,
“Does this taste like cider?”

“It sure does!” replies the Beer Clerk.

Ummm, yeah. That’s why it’s a cider.

Yes, it’s true that ciders taste a little different from each other. Things that impact their flavor are different varieties of apples; mascerated apples; made from concentrate or juice or fresh-pressed apples; blends fruits, spices, hops, etc. Don’t even get me started on the sweet – semisweet – semidry – dry classifications of cider. But when it’s a clear glass bottle, clearly labeled as apple cider, and it looks like apple juice, this question is a little funny.

Learn more about the flavors of cider.


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