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Nov 09

Washington voters repeal 3-Tier System of Wine Distribution

On November 8, 2011, voters repealed the three-tier system as it applies to wine sales in the State of Washington. This leads me to ask, “Can a system sheltered by the Twenty-first Amendment be repealed by corporate-funded initiative?”

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Nov 02

I-1183: Removing the rules of fair play.

Sports fans know there are certain rules in place to keep the game fair for all. The alcohol business is also like this. How did these rules get here and how do they protect?

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Oct 31

I-1183: No liquor for Mom & Pop!

Most neighborhood Mom & Pop wine and beer stores are too small and too near grocery chains to sell liquor, according to Washington Initiative 1183.

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Oct 28

I-1183: RIP liquor selection & convenience

I-1183 kills my nearby liquor selection and its shopping convenience.

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