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Dec 11

Survival is in the people’s hands

When you’ve got a retail business, the scariest thing is this: Your business’s ability to survive is in the hands of the consumer. No matter how varied your products are, no matter how competitive your prices are, no matter how many special events you hold, no matter how good your service offering is, … if …

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Feb 25

An open letter to the Government Accountability & Oversight Committee

Dear Representatives and Members of the House Government Accountability & Oversight Committee, Two years ago the Washington State Liquor Board sold a bum lot of stores to many first generation Americans, giving them hope that jumping into the liquor business would fulfill their business dreams. But what’s happened since then? More than 60% of the …

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Oct 31

Operating in the face of adversity

I thought last year was rough. Here I am about ready to start the month of November 2013, and I feel completely battered, exhausted, alone. A lot’s happened this year, much of which I’ll save for future blog topics. Those of you who are friends with me on facebook have an idea of some of …

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May 01

Mean people suck.

I always imagined the craft beer industry to be filled with cool people. We all love the same delicious, handcraft product and want to share it with others. I guess my personal views may be a bit Utopian. Now, just over six years into the business, I find myself growing a bit weary, tired, frustrated, …

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Apr 05

Beer lifestyle imbalance

The Sessions happens every first Friday. It’s when beer bloggers and share their thoughts on the same topic. April 2013: Finding Beer Balance, chosen by This is Why I’m Drunk. It’s obvious I’m living imbalance. Just look at me. The figure of a British Pepper Pot, belly as far out as the boobs. Second chin …

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Jan 28

I’m the Martha

Perhaps it’s due to the looming Easter holiday*, but I’ve been thinking a lot about Martha and Mary lately. Do you remember these ladies from the bible story, where Jesus is due to visit and Martha is busy preparing the setting, the meal, everything. Martha drops it all to go be social. Martha continues on …

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Jul 30

Social wallpost therapy & Curieux beerapy

“You really don’t make running a store look appealing,” says a friend on facebook. This is after a week of sporadic posts on my facebook wall, sharing things that people do and say when visiting my store. And the funniest part, I didn’t even share some of the craziest stories…yet.

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Feb 27

Pliny woes. I need a strong one. Lockin’ it up.

My beery life this week: February 20-26, 2011 Sunday: Anything goes Sunday is my weekend — it should be a favorite day, but one-day weekend really isn’t enough. I find myself torn. My body tells me, “Relax & recharge my batteries!” But my head says, “Laundry, dishes, vacuuming, grocery shopping, gardening, …” The dog says, …

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