10 beers for a rapturous good time

10 beers for a rapturous good time

Folks are buzzing about the May 21st 2011 end-of-the-world rapture prediction by Harold Camping, 89, leader of the ministry Family Radio Worldwide. Since that date falls on a Saturday, many are throwing parties—any excuse to grab a few more bottles of delicious beer!

With respect to those parties, here’s my Top 10 Beers for a Rapturous Good Time

10. Judgment Day. Yes, it’s a comin’!

9. Salvation. If you don’t have this, you’re doomed.

8. Sublimely Self-Righteous. An attidude of those who’ll remain post-rapture.

7. Fire Rock. It’ll be raining down from the sky.

10 Beers for a Rapturous Good Time6. World Wide. How much of the earth will be affected.

5. Lucifer. The ultimate anti-christ.

4. Tsjeeses. Jesus— he’s coming!

3. Redemption. For those who turn-way from sin.

2. The Wise. Discern the end times.

1. Obliteration. It’ll happen to all things evil.

Note: I chose beers that are distributed in Washington State. Some are rotating or limited releases and, therefore, may be difficult to locate.


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