Do you have the “Dr. Seuss” beer?

Do you have the “Dr. Seuss” beer?

Lady walks into a beer store. She knows what she’s after, so she walks up to me and asks, “Do you have Soos beer?”

Me: “Soos? Soos Creek Brewing of Covington? It’s sometimes on the growler fill station…”

Lady: “No. ‘Sooz.’ My husband loves it.”

I stand there, thinking, “…sooz…” look to my fellow beer clerk, who also shrugs her shoulders. I say out loud, puzzled look on my face, “…sooz…” with emphasis on the Z. What we have here is a classic beer ‘failure to communicate’ (FTC). If she’s patient, we’ll go back and forth a few times, clumsily knocking the ball back and forth like we’re amateur table tennis players.

Me: “…soos…sooz…soozzz…”

Lady: “No. Soos. Seuss. Dr. Seuss. I call it ‘the Dr. Seuss beer.’ My husband loves it.”

Dr Seuss Craft Beer Parody
Read Dr. J’s Craft Beer & Ale: A Parody of Dr. Seuss’ Green Eggs & Ham.
Image from the Brookston Beer Bulletin.

Me… puzzled face. I know of no beer with Dr. Seuss in the name or on the label, but there is a Dr. Seuss Craft Beer & Ale diddy… “Would you drink them in a pub? Would you drink them at a club? Not in a pub. Not at a club. Not with more hops…”

Lady: “He drinks the Dr. Seuss beer and the Chimay.”

Chimay is from Belgium and also from Belgium is…

Me: “Oh! I got it…sous…Maredsous!

And I say the beer’s name again, this time with the final “s” silent,

I walk her over to door 14, and point to the Maredsous Tripel and Brune.

Lady: “Yes! That’s the Dr. Seuss beer!! Thank you!”

Craft beer lost in translation.
Sometimes we get it. Sometimes we don’t.


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