Beer bottles, for the kids.

Beer bottles, for the kids.

Lady phones a beer store and asks, “Do you have any empty beer bottles I could have?”

Beer Clerk responds, “Sorry, ma’am we recycle any used on a daily basis and don’t keep any empties on hand.”

beer bottles for kids, the best kind of recycling“Well, you see,” explains the lady, “There’s a play at my church and I need a dozen or so empty beer bottles for my Sunday School kids. I didn’t want to have to go buy them filled at a store because we need them to be empty for the kids.”

“…well, I’ve not taken my home glass recycling in yet. I can bring you a dozen or so empties for pickup tomorrow,” says the helpful Beer Clerk. “…but they’ll likely need to be rinsed before handing out to the kids.”

“Oh, that’s great! We can take care of that.”

“Would you like regular size, large, or an assortment?”

“An assortment, please.”

I brought in 14 assorted bottles, just in case a few weren’t to their liking. Just doing my part to support the Sunday School Kids.


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